Black Cherry Dog Cologne

Say goodbye to nasty whiffs and hello to the deep, rich aroma of ripe black cherries in a spray bottle. If dogs could choose their own cologne, all waggy tails would lead to Buddycare. For super fresh, kind to skin, and huggably irresistible pups, this range of Dog Colognes takes the dog's biscuit!

With a single spritz, Buddycare's Black Cherry Dog Cologne will leave your pup black cherry scented. Specially formulated to provide a long-lasting fragrance that will keep your pooch smelling fresh all day long, it's the pawfect way to give your pup a quick pick-me-up and make cuddle time fresh and fruity.

Perfect for refreshing up your pup's coat in between washes!

Enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, Buddycare's Refreshing Coat Dog Cologne also helps maintain a healthy and shiny coat, ensuring your best friend looks as good as they smell. You know your dog better than anyone, and Buddycare knows dog grooming like the back of its paws! So make your pooch's grooming routine a walk in the park with Buddycare's dog cologne range.
  • Black Cherry Scented
  • Refreshes Coat Inbetween Washes
  • With Aloe & Pro Vitamin B5
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Long Lasting

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very cherry

Easy to use.
And the smell is LUSH!
We have 3 border collies (1 part husky.. other 2 are blue merles)...
They get stinky specially sometimes after a walk if raining..but this spray actually helps with the smell, and weirdly my dogs seem to like it.... so its a BIG 👍 from us.

Great for a quick freshen up

Like all similar products, this won't "clean" your dog but it does do a very good job of masking those doggy smells for a while. So it's great for a quick freshen up or an extra touch of pizzazz after a proper wash.

Easy to spray on, it has a lovely fruity scent. Neither of my two are in the least perturbed by me using it on them and have shown no irritation or ill effects from it.

Even hours later I can still smell it on them when they are sat down and relaxing on my knee.

Another winner from Buddycare.

Delicious smell and long lasting

This spray is amazing! Easy to use and the sweet Cherry smell is to die for! Just makes me want to wear it myself! My dog smells so divine