Bubblegum Dog Cologne

Say goodbye to nasty whiffs and hello to sweeties in a spray bottle. If dogs could choose their own cologne, all waggy tails would lead to Buddycare. For super fresh, kind to skin, and huggably irresistible pups, this range of Dog Colognes takes the dog's biscuit!

With a single spritz, Buddycare's Bubblegum Dog Cologne will leave your pup smelling as sweet as candy. Specially formulated to provide a long-lasting fragrance that will keep your pooch smelling fresh all day long, it's the pawfect way to give your pup a quick pick-me-up and make cuddle time sweet and fresh.

Perfect for refreshing up your pup's coat in between washes!

Enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, Buddycare's Refreshing Coat Dog Cologne also helps maintain a healthy and shiny coat, ensuring your best friend looks as good as they smell. You know your dog better than anyone, and Buddycare knows dog grooming like the back of its paws! So make your pooch's grooming routine a walk in the park with Buddycare's dog cologne range.
  • Bubblegum Scented
  • Refreshes Coat Inbetween Washes
  • With Aloe & Pro Vitamin B5
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Long Lasting

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bubblegum doggy cologne

This doggy cologne which is bubblegum flavoured, has to be the tastiest smelling spray I have ever received! My dog smells like a dream at the moment and constantly has me craving sweets! I highly recommend! Masks dog smell so well!

Best smell ever!

This dog cologne smells amazing. We have one smelly Labrador… even as a puppy he was stinky so I like to spray him most days. My six year old also commented that Baxter smelt just like sweets so clearly smells like it is meant to.

Keats The Cat
The whole house smelt

The smell is very strong. Sprayed it on the dogs (larger cockapoo's) and they smelt beautiful, also made the house smell of bubblegum.
Reasonable price for the size of the bottle.
Would try just a couple of sprays and add if needed.

Potent smell. Long lasting!

I got this to help combat the wet-dog smell that can occur when we have heavy rainfall here in the UK. The Buddycare Dog Cologne worked a treat! After getting back from our walk in the rain, 2-3 pumps of this was enough to quickly neutralise the smells. The scent from the cologne is incredibly strong, and lasts quite a while.

I'd say this product is very much value for money. I see it lasting quite a while. A little goes a long way!

Steve & Toria
Amazing Smell!

I love this product as the scent is just amazing!
I also own the same in the dog shampoo and I love to shower my fur babies now as after they just smell so divine.
It lasts quite a bit too on, has not caused any irritation or anything so overall very happy and worth the purchase.