Dog Tear Stain Remover


Say farewell to tear stains and hello to brighter eyes with Buddycare Dog Tear Stain Remover.

Safely remove dirt, crust, and discharge with a gentle and mild formula that effectively tackles tear stains, leaving your dog's fur looking clean and revitalised. Made with 99+% naturally derived ingredients, Buddycare Tear Stain Remover is "pawsitively" safe for your dog and works like a charm to eliminate those pesky saliva stains while being perfectly suited for breeds prone to excessive tearing and mucus-related eye stains. So go ahead and give your furry friend a "sparkle and shine" makeover with our safe and gentle tear stain remover!

  • Safely & Gently Cleans
  • For all breeds of Dogs
  • Naturally Derived
  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • PH Balanced

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Janette Hill
Brilliant shampoo

I love using this shampoo on my Poochon. It brings his coat up so white every time he has a shower and he smells lovely also. I’ve tried others but this is the best and I will carry on using it always.

David J. Keel
Can see results after first use and after a week or so the tear stain has gone

I purchased this product for my old dog, because he’s recently had an eye infection. He had to have a small operation on his right eye and the fur on his face is a creamy white so any tear stains are very obvious and look a bit unsightly!

After the operation we have had to use a daily eye drop and a result of which is he’s had some staining underneath his right eye… almost orange/ginger in colour. I’ve used this product for over a week and already I can see a reduction in the staining caused by the eye drop and his eye watering. My dog doesn’t like anything going near his eye and using this product on him hasn’t bothered him at all. It doesn’t smell of anything and seems very gentle as he’s happy for me to use it on him. I have been putting it on a cotton wool pad and gently stroking it over the affected area then rinsing off with wet cotton wool pads.

After you use it once you can actually see a reduction in the stain and after a few days you can definitely see a good difference. Some tear stain removers I’ve seen are two step processes using two different products, but this one is quick and easy…no messing. If I can see a difference after only a few days I’m confident that with further use there will be a vast improvement on the appearance of the stain around his eye. I’m very pleased with this product.

Works well on removing tear stains

I gifted this to a friend who has a white Highland Terrier with staining around her eyes. - The terrier, not my friend.
The feedback is this is working well, the dog tolerated it and it is clearing the pinky brown stains too. It has to be washed off which is a bit of a faff but better that than cause irritation.

It works

So this is great stuff, and definitely works. The dog was good about allowing me to use it around his eyes. It cleared everything away well and the cotton pad came away quite dirty, showing it worked.
My only real qualm is the faff of having to have to then wipe away with water afterwards, hence only 4 stars. My dig is really good because we trained him early on to allow us to do these things, but he also has a very easygoing temperament. I’m not sure nervous dogs would like all the steps. My tip would be to make sure you have everything ready and waiting. I did this with mine anyway, having the solution on the cotton pads and then the water on the cotton pads too.
It would definitely work very nicely on lighter dogs, but it was noticeable enough for us on ours. If nothing else, it was a relief for him to have the muck cleared up properly, nt just wiped with water.
There isn’t a chemical or perfumed smell. I recommend it, definitely at the price. You can see from the photo, which was taken after use, my dog wasn’t scared off by it.