Shed Control Aloe & Lemongrass Dog Deodorising Spray


Say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to fresh and shiny coats! If dogs could choose their own doggy deodorant, all waggy tails would lead to Buddycare. For super fresh, kind to skin, and huggably irresistible pups, this range of Dog Deodorants takes the dog's biscuit!

Specially formulated to combat bad smells and keep your pooch smelling fresher for longer, Buddycare's Aloe Vera and Lemongrass Scented Deodorising Spray helps eliminate doggy odours. Use this doggy deodoriser in between washes to quickly and easily refresh your pup's fur. No more stinky pooch, just a light soothing scent wherever they go!

Our spray contains Saccharomyces ferment, a natural yeast-based deodorising ingredient that works its magic in breaking down those pesky compounds causing unpleasant odours. Say goodbye to unwanted smells! Plus, our products are completely free from aluminium-based ingredients for a grooming experience without nasties.

You know your best friend better than anyone, and Buddycare knows dog grooming like the back of its paws! So make your pooch’s grooming routine a walk in the park with Buddycare’s dog deodorant range.

  • Naturally Deodorises
  • Aloe & Lemongrass Scented
  • With Aloe & Pro Vitamin B5
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
kate pedley
Great smell

Firstly these smell amazing, I have a dachshund with very sensitive skin and this spray did not irritate her skin at all, really easy to use instructions around the bottle, packaging is great would highly recommend

Carrie Webb
Nice scent, not too strong, and gave a shiny coat

I liked the vegan and cruelty free labelling on this product.
After grooming my Lab x GSD I sprayed some on her coat, and the smell was quite strong, but this calmed down very quickly and left a nice subtle citrus scent. The aloe vera seemed to make her black fur nice and shiny too. She wasn’t bothered by the sound of the spray, which was very gentle, or the smell. It was very easy to use - simply shake the bottle and spray directly on the fur.
It has removed the slight doggy odour that she had, so hoping that it lasts a few days between uses.
Very economical - used about 6-7 sprays in total on a large dog.
Looking forward to trying other products in this range.

Mrs G
Another great item from a great brand

I recently ordered the doggy EDP from Buddycare and, after reviewing the product and being impressed by its UK origin and integrity of ingredients, I was keen to order this dog deodoriser. This time we were in for a treat. Rather than being heady and overly fragrant, this deodoriser was very fresh and smelled 'green'. Our English Springer didn't flinch as it was applied and the freshness lasted! The spray action works well and the bottle is of quality plastic. I look forward to further quality items from this company!

Finger crossed for shedding season

I love this brand for their scents, i am giving this shedding spray a go and it does seem to have reduced shedding, i will know for sure next time shedding season comes around. It smells nice and clean so could be used as a doggy deodorant with a subtle scent.